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Hey Guys

2009-09-06 09:49:10 by flashyfrazer

I felt like making a news post so here ya Go !!!!


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2009-09-06 19:02:07

First off, my review was only there to balance them out. You know damn well your game had no point. It didn't even have an ending.
Secondly, your mom probably has custody of you, so of course she is going to say she likes it out of guilt for breaking up the family with her adultery. She probably didn't even really watch the screen, more like touching the keyboard to make you happy.
Last but not least, to label someone narrow minded just because they disagree or find your art self absorbed is hypocritical.
good day young one, I hope you grow up to be a fireman.


2009-09-06 10:10:21

hello. I felt like fucking your mom so I did.

flashyfrazer responds:

Have Fun ....